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Student Transfers

The Federal & State Compliance Office (FASCO) processes transfer requests of students actively enrolled in a Miami-Dade County Public School in accordance with Board Policy 5131 - Student Transfers. The transfer request process begins at the area residence school. To access information about your area residence school, you may visit Find Your Neighborhood School. Categories of student transfers have been provided below for your convenience.


Detail Action
Out-of-County Transfer Request

A transfer from a Miami-Dade County public school to a neighboring school district (e.g. Broward, Monroe).

Complete the Out-of-County Transfer Request Form (FM-7374), and submit to Federal & State Compliance Office via facsimile to (305) 883-7544.
Parent Choice-Student Transfer Request

A transfer request from the parent/guardian’s area residence school to another Miami-Dade County public school.

Complete the Parent Choice-Student Transfer Form (FM-3281) and submit to the school that serves the parent/guardian’s legal address. At the school site, the parent/guardian will be advised of the Region Office that will process and finalize the request.
Medical/Psychological Transfer Request

A transfer request to a school outside the specific attendance boundary based on a health hardship and/or emotional ailment.

Complete the Administrative Transfer-Medical Recommendation for Student Transfer Form (FM-1713), attach to completed Parent Choice-Student Transfer Form (FM-3281), and submit to corresponding Region Office. The completed request will be forwarded to the Federal & State Compliance Office to be reviewed by the Review Team for Medical/Psychological Transfers.

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