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Jennifer D. Andreu, Administrative Director
Federal & State Compliance Office

Transcript Review and Course Evaluation System (TRACE)

The Transcript Review and Course Evaluation (TRACE) is a system in the District Student Information System (DSIS) that records secondary courses taken outside of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ (M-DCPS) regular school day (PK-12), and that records passed EOC assessments for purposes of graduation and acceleration.

All courses taken in the regular PK-12 program must appear on the student schedule in DSIS (PF1). This is required by the Florida Department of Education, FTE General Instructions: “A separate Student Course Schedule format must be reported for each class in which a PK-12 student is in membership during each of the Survey Periods, regardless of the funding eligibility of that student, to participate in the Florida Education Finance Program.” 

Which Courses May Be Recorded in TRACE?

  • Courses awarded credit through the Credit Acceleration Program (CAP)               
  • All secondary courses on a non-M-DCPS transcript
  • Courses taken in a PK-12 public (outside M-DCPS) or non-public institution, whether or not a passing grade was earned
  • Dual Enrollment courses taken at a college/university beyond regular school hours (on or off campus), and not reflected on the master schedule 
  • Florida Virtual School courses taken beyond regular school hours with an official grade report. 

In the absence of an official transcript, a report card or an official letter from the school, governmental agency that represents a foreign country, may be used to document the courses to be entered into TRACE.  Transcripts, report cards, and documents provided by government embassies from foreign countries utilized to award credits, must be maintained in the student’s cumulative record folder. Course credit recorded in TRACE must be entered as it appears. A generic subject area course i.e. mathematics transfer, science transfer- may entered in TRACE as a substitute; however, this action may impact scholarship eligibility such as Bright Futures, Talented Twenty,  etc.

Courses completed in a PK-12 public or non-public institution, and appearing on an official transcript must be accepted, and entered in TRACE.  However, courses completed at a non-accredited institution are accepted at the discretion of the school principal, provided the student demonstrates mastery of the content on a standardized assessment.  (Students must have at least 90 days to prepare for assessments), or provides documentation of successful completion of coursework in the assigned grade level.

To verify private school accreditations and for your convenience, you may access the Florida Private Schools Directory.


The Florida Department of Education establishes data base requirements for Student Information Systems.  Links have been provided below for your convenience.

  • FLDOE Data Base State Codes:
  • District Name Table:
  • Florida Private Schools Directory:

      TRACE information for in-state private schools will populate automatically provided the following elements are entered:

      • County number – 99
      • Private school state location # - four digit code assigned by the state to each private school

EOC Assessment Status in TRACE

  • The Course Assessment Status (CAS) value is required for all entries into TRACE.  The following is a list of acceptable CAS values:
    • A - Student Passed EOC
    • B - Student Failed EOC
    • C - Student has not taken EOC (Pending)
    • D - Transfer Student Exempt from taking EOC
    • E - Student passed EOC and has been exempted from taking all or part of the course (CAP)
    • F - Student with Disability has EOC waived
    • Z - Course does not have an EOC or student cohort does not require EOC

For an online video describing the ISIS/TRACE/CAS PROCESS for EOC< you may access the following link:  DSIS TRACE CAS PROCESS FOR EOC SCREENCAST VIDEO

The Credit Acceleration Program (CAP)

CAP was created for the purpose of allowing a student to earn high school credit in a course that requires a statewide, standardized end-of-course assessment if the student attains a specified score on the assessment.  Credit may not be awarded for an EOC during a baseline year.  If a student passed an EOC assessment required for a course through the Credit Acceleration Program (as specified in s. 1003.4295(3), F.S.), the student would be exempt from all or part of the course.

  • Enter appropriate course code number for cycle:
    •  “A” code is recorded in the TRM column
    •  “E” code is recorded in the CAS column
    •  “P” is recorded in the GR column

Online Credit Requirement

  • The online graduation requirement element is available on the GPA screen in ISIS via these steps:
    • Enter 1 (Student Data Base System)
    • Enter 1 (Student Information Menu)
    • Enter 6 (Course Transfer/Credit Evaluation)
    • Enter 6 (GPA/Class Rank Update)
  • For Data Entry in TRACE:
    • District # = 71
    • For Middle School Courses= 0500
    • For Senior High School Courses= 0600
    • 10th and 11th character of the course #  ends in ‘FV’ or ‘OL’

Which Courses May Not Be Recorded in TRACE?

  • Dual Enrollment courses posted on the Student Record / Subjects (PF1) screen in DSIS
  • Florida Virtual School classes posted on the Student Record / Subjects (PF1) screen in DSIS
  • Florida Virtual School classes taken beyond regular school hours with an official grade report that student receives “W” for Withdrew, “WP” for Withdrew Passing, “WF” for Withdrew Failing or “Grade Rescinded”. File document in the student cumulative folder.
  • Acceleration/Credit Recovery courses (i.e. Edgenuity), computer-based or teacher-directed courses, taken during regular school hours (these courses must be posted on the Student Record / Subjects (PF1) screen in DSIS

Adult/Vocational Credits

Courses completed through Adult/Vocational Education are entered by the registrar at the Adult/Vocational Center, and must be posted in both TRACE and the Vocational Adult Community System (VACS).  For all co-enrolled high school students (2H category), the grade posted in VACS will automatically upload to TRACE. The automatic transfer is done daily and should be reflected in TRACE within 48 hours.  If a course does not transfer, the school must enter a Heat Ticket to remedy the error.  The failure for courses to post into the TRACE system prevents the course from appearing on the official transcripts and student histories. Therefore, it is imperative that adult education courses/grades be tracked until the process is complete.

Out of Country Transcripts

All transcripts received from countries outside of the United States must be submitted via HEAT ticket to the Foreign Records Department at the Federal and State Compliance Office for interpretation, review and entry in TRACE.

Thank you.
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