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Students in kindergarten through 12th grade who are in the Florida Home Education Program who participate in any Miami-Dade County Public School campus-based activities/testing are required to have age-appropriate vaccines with the proper documentation in accordance with S. 1003.22(4), Florida Statutes.

The Federal & State Compliance Office notifies parents via the electronic mail system of vital information regarding enrollment in the Florida Home Education Program.


The Miami-Dade County Public Schools Florida Home Education Office assists parents of approximately 3,000 students who choose to educate their child(ren) at home in complying with Florida State Statutes, referencing Compulsory School Attendance. Specifically, this office maintains records and notifies parents of state requirements with regards to FCAT and Stanford Achievement Testing and evaluation.



M-DCPS : 1450 NE 2nd Ave. : Miami, FL 33132 : Phone: (305) 995-1000 (For Non Technical Questions Only) 2010