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Jennifer D. Andreu, Administrative Director
Federal & State Compliance Office

Student Membership Surveys: Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Funding

The Federal & State Compliance Office (FASCO) is responsible for reporting student membership to the Florida Department of Education of over 450 MDCPS schools for State funding.  In alignment with the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP), the unit of measure is known as an FTE (Full Time Equivalent), which is considered one student in membership and in attendance for 180 school days. 

Throughout the traditional school year, the State conducts two surveys to count students for FTE funding:  one in October (Survey 2) which covers the first 90 days for a value of .5 FTE; and one in February (Survey 3) which covers the second 90 day for the second value of .5, totaling 1.0 FTE for 180 days of instruction.  The student membership surveys provide the Florida Department of Education a snapshot of the educational programs offered in our schools, which results in the allocation of funds to the District for the operation of schools. Two additional surveys are held during the summer period for specialized programs, Survey 4 (June) and Survey 1(July). 

For accurate student level funding, student schedules are to reflect the actual program of instruction that provides the most appropriate educational plan for each student. Information entered in DSIS (District Student Information System) is to be complete and accurate.  Information in DSIS is recorded and transmitted to the State, online, using the Department of Education Edit Correction System Online (DECO), in accordance to the established time lines.   An integral component to student funding is the accurate scheduling of students in a program of instruction that meets the prescribed educational plan of each child. 

The Federal & State Compliance Office responds to legislative mandates for timely transmission of FTE membership data to the State for funding.  Workshops on FTE Reporting and Survey Processing are held throughout the year across the District.  One-to-one training is also available, upon request.


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