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Jennifer D. Andreu, Administrative Director
Federal & State Compliance Office

The Federal & State Compliance Office (FASCO) is responsible for identifying, collecting and transmitting data to local, State and Federal agencies for purposes of compliance, accountability, and District funding.  Specialized staff at FASCO provides support to over 450 schools across the District in the areas noted below

Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Funding


Student Registration

School Attendance

Parent Choice Student Transfers

Foreign Records / Student Visa

Transcript Review & Course Evaluation (TRACE)

Florida Home Education Program


Truancy Intervention Program Compliance

Florida Department of Highway, Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV): Driver License
Compliance (Students)


Records & Forms Management: Student Records/ Disposition of Documents


Florida Department of Law Enforcement Missing Children

Bilingual Education and World Languages Parent Guide

FASCO offers personalized training to school administrators, school support, and District staff, upon request, in the areas outlined above. Throughout the year, a series of workshops will be scheduled on the areas of FTE, student registration, truancy intervention program compliance, etc.   To find information on your neighborhood school, you may access Find Your Neighborhood School.

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